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Monday, October 17, 2011

How I Clean My Wigs

It just dawned on me that I may have readers out there who are new to the wig game and may be lost as to how you care for your wigs. this short and snappy blog post, I'm going to outline what I do.

To clean my wigs, I use Fantasia IC Wig Cleaner and Conditioner.

Maybe it's just me but, for my synthetic wigs, I use products that are formulated just for synthetic wigs. That's just my thing that I'm particularly anal about. My goal is for my wigs to last awhile. I feel that if you can completely wear out a wig in a few weeks, you need to re-evaluate your life.

Anyway....I place about 3 oz of the cleanser ( the markings are designated on the bottle and you get 3 wig washes out of a bottle) into my sink and fill up the sink with tepid ( not too hot but not cold either) water. I then place the wig in the sink.

Once in the sink, I kinda swirl the wig around. I try to be as gentle as possible with the wig so that I don't tangle it. I do this for 2 or 3 min.

I then drain out the nasty, dirty water (trust me it's gross!) and rinse the wig with cool water to remove the cleanser. Once finished I hang up the wig (can be in the shower if no one will be immediately using it) and let it dry overnight. Once dry, I spray the wig with wig spray, place the net over the wig and put the wig back into the package.

That's it! Very easy to do. I typically wash my wigs when I'm changing them out. So, if I'm done continuously wearing a wig, I will wash it prior to me putting it back into the package. Hopes this helps some of you wig newbies out! :D


  1. Thanks for this post, I'll be showing it to my sis later

    Did I mention that she beat me into buying a half wig first :(

  2. No problem!!! :)

    Take your time with purchasing a half wig. It's better to take your time and find one you really really like than to just purchase any old thing.

  3. Thanks for this post, because I am truuuly clueless about wig care. So humor me with one more question: should you put oil on your wigs to make them blend?

    Thanks again,
    Life in a Shoe

  4. Thanks for your post! I'm a wig wearer, but I normally buy human hair and I have seen some really nice synthetic ones that I would love to consider, but I was nervous about the useful life (I go hard with my So this post helped me broaden my perspective on buying non-human hair wigs and just getting the proper products to care for it!

  5. @Life in a Shoe I have never put oil on my wigs to make them blend. All of my wigs are similar to my own hair color so there hasn't been a need for it. Hope that answers your question! :)

    @FEG Glad I could help. Dealing with synthetic wigs can be crazy b/c you read reviews where people will say a certain wig wears out too fast. That's usually because they are just too rough with it. To get maximum wear out of my wigs, I'm finding that using products just for synthetic hair helps tremendously!

  6. Great post!! I didn't use synthetic shampoo on my wigs when I was wigging it and I only really got ONE to last me for more than a couple of weeks. Will definitely look into that shampoo in the future! Thanks!

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