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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks Texlaxed&Things for posting my blog! I figure I better get to answering these questions before I forget ( I tend to be scatterbrained like that lol)

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Share 7 random things about yourself

Name your favorite song: Oh geez I have so many! I would have to say that it's a tie between 'Stay With Me' by Debarge and 'Enjoy Yourself' by The Jacksons

Name your favorite dessert: Red Velvet Cake.....Red Velvet cupcakes.....Red Velvet ice get the idea

What pisses you off: Terrible spelling. I'm sorry it just irks me like no other.

When you're upset, you: shut down. I don't speak and I don't want to speak. Leave me alone until I cool off.

Your favorite pet: I had a turtle back in high school. His name was Edward.

Black or white: Black

Your biggest fear: Birds...especially pigeons. :shudders:

Best feature: My eyes

Everyday attitude: No worries!

What is perfection: The best that you are able to give

Guilty pleasure: The animal cookies with the pink and white frosting w/ rainbow sprinkles. I know I'm too old to like them but they make me happy :D

7 Random Facts About Myself

1) I'm an Air Force brat. I've lived in the Philippines, Montana, Washington, D.C., Italy, and Alaska. The D.C. area is home though.

2) Because I'm used to moving so often, I have an urge to move every 4 years. Like clockwork.

3) I'm a leftie.

4) I come from a family of basketball players. However, that urge to play basketball just skipped right over me. I understand the game but I don't enjoy playing it.

5) I have an incredible sweet tooth. I adore sweets! In fact, it takes a lot of restraint to keep me from eating sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

6) I jokingly call myself a mutant. I had 5 (instead of 4) wisdom teeth and I have a third nipple ( I know TMI but it looks like a mole). I probably have an extra kidney or something lol.

7) My first language wasn't English, it was Tagalog. Unfortunately, my mom put a stop to that ASAPedly.

10 Blogs I'm Awarding

Gosh it's so hard to choose. There are a lot of great blogs out there!

Napturally Inspired This is my LS's blog. She's natural and this blog is great for ladies who are natural or are thinking about transitioning!

Longing 4 Length We are both chasing the same goal right now (BSL). She has a really good blog AND....she's my soror! :)

My Healthy Hair Journey Love her blog! She is very detailed about what she is doing and how she goes about doing it!

Hair2Toe Beauty Great blog that covers hair, beauty, and everything in between!

What's Up With My Hair Yet another great blog!

....ok so I stopped a 5 since my brain decided to just blank out. I'll be back with the additional 5.....


  1. Skee Wee my Soror!!!! Girl...I'm never gonna be BSL. Not never, not ever! GRRRRRR! I love all the blogs you listed and now following your LS!

  2. I've never had a Red Velvet anything....

  3. @EbonyCPrincess Yes you will be BSL! You gotta have faith! :)

    @Texlaxed&Things you've never had red velvet cake? OMG! You're missing out girl!It's yummy deliciousness....

  4. Thanks so much for the award. Red velvet cake is delish

  5. Awww!!! Thanks LS for the award!! It means a lot to me. But, seriously...your blog is AMAZING!!!! I love reading everything you post! :) Keep it up sis!!!

  6. Aww you're welcome sis! You're blog definitely great for ladies who are newly natural. You're very informative and thorough in all of your posts! :)

    ...and thanks! :)