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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My November Half Wig: FreeTress Samara Girl

Happy Saturday lovelies!

As you know, the end of the month is upon us and that means it's time for me to switch up my wigs! I got TONS of compliments about La Doral and she is one of those wigs that gets better as time goes on but alas, it is time for something new.

For November, I will be wearing FreeTress Samara Girl. I purchased this half wig in 1B this past summer at my local BSS.I paid around $22 for her although you can get her for less at websites such as Like most FreeTress half wigs, this wig has a long comb in the front of the wig and two smaller combs in the back.

Since I will start wearing Samara Girl on Monday, I wanted to just play around for a bit and style her and just really figure out how she looks on me. Straight out of the package, Samara Girl is very curly, silky, and soft. I had to fluff her out a bit just to give her some volume and look a little more natural. Samara Girl is also very long! She's about BSL/MBL length (side note: why does BSL/MBL feel so long on a wig but when it's my actual hair it's just....meh).

I will be blending my own hair with this wig and will probably reserve the headband for days where I'm just feeling extremely lazy. On my wash days, I will section out my bangs and straighten them just to aide in better blending (I'm 14 weeks post and I have some new growth going on). I will then set them on large perm rods like the ones shown below:

I will not use any gel, holding spray, etc on my curls. The curls of the wig are pretty loose so I want my own hair to have a similar look to that. As always, I will continue with my wash routine and keep the majority of my hair in plaits underneath the wig.

What do you guys think? Is Samara Girl a yay or a nay or a eh (lol)?


  1. I've been looking at this half-wig for literally a year! thanks for showing how it looks on you. Your blending is on point!!!!! I just think that (like many loosely curled half-wigs) it has too much hair to look natural? I love the length and the fullness but sometimes it can be a double edged sword.

  2. No problem and thanks!!! I find that I get a better idea of how a wig looks when it's on a person instead of a mannequin or the model on the package lol.

    I'm actually think the opposite of what you think. I think the silky straight wigs don't look natural (that's why I have so many curly ones). The good thing with curly wigs is that you can cut them to fit you. If it's too long? Cut it. Want layers? Cut it. Very rarely will you find a wig that is ready to wear straight out of the pack. You gotta work with it to fit your style :)

  3. That's so true about halfwigs feeling longer than your own hair. Removing a halfwig can cause hairxia lol!

    This wig looks nice on you.

    Sorry if you answered this already in another post, but how often do you take down the braids to detangle?

  4. Thanks! :)

    To answer your question though, I generally take my plaits down on wash day (once a week). However, if I feel like my hair is in need of moisture before then, I will remove my plaits, detangle, and a moisturize on an as needed basis.

  5. I just tried this wig and absoloutly loved it! great review!