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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Half Wig: Vanessa 'La Doral'

It's October 1st y'all and you know what that means......

IT'S SWITCH UP HALF WIGS TIME!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO! (: throws confetti and hits celebratory dougie:)

Yes, today marks the first day that I'm not wearing Tammy. However, as you guys have noticed from the title, I did not purchase the wig that I wanted--Vanessa 'La Frisco" I really really wanted that wig but my local BSS only had it in 1B/30. I've never been a fan of extra colors in the wigs on me so I passed on that. Instead, I found another wig--Vanessa "La Doral." I paid $22.99 for the wig at my local BSS and purchased it in 2 (they were out of 1B---lawd that BSS was just failing me completely yesterday lol)

La Doral is another curly wig that reminds me of FreeTress Creta Girl but it has looser curls and is not Chaka Khan big (it's more like Tracee Ellis Ross big). This wig has 2 combs (one in the front and one in the back) as well as an adjustable strap. Another plus about this wig is that the 2 is not a super duper brown that you see with other wigs. It matches up nicely with my hair and I only saw a brownish tint when I was in the sun. I don't know if this characteristic is unique to all Vanessa Half Wigs but it's something to keep in mind as you go on your own wig search. Finally, for a synthetic wig, La Doral is very very soft. I absolutely love it. One thing you have to be careful about is that the more you mess with this wig, the bigger it gets. So, unless you want to look like Ms. Ross the Boss for a day, do your wig manipulations with a light hand.

I've decided that with this wig, I will not be blending my hair with it. It just seems like too much work (lazy, I know). Instead, I will be using a headband to hide the seam between the wig and my hair.

So far, I've gotten good comments about the wig. My friend mentioned to me this morning that you can't tell it's a wig (which is great) and I had another person ask me who did my hair. All in all, La Doral is a go. What do you think?

SN: Please excuse my makeup less, jank face. I just spent the better part of my day coaching my cheerleaders. Now that I have eaten and updated my blog, I'm about to take the most EPIC nap! :D


  1. Cute! I always love these types of wigs on other ppl...but then when I get them they appear wayyyy too big for me. Perhaps I don't like big hair on ME the way I do on everyone else! lol.

  2. @EbonyCPrincess Thanks! You liking big hair on other people but not on yourself sounds like me when it comes to color combinations in weaves/wigs. Looks great on other people but on me...ehhhhhh not so much lol.

  3. you look that wig

    I'm really wanting to try half wigs now...

  4. @Texlaxed & Things Thanks! You should try half wigs! They are awesome sauce!! Half wigs are the perfect protective style. You still get to take care and have access to your hair while not manipulating it too much. Give them a chance! :)