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Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 14, 2011: Final Relaxer for the Year


I am finally done with my hair!!

Tonight was relaxer night ( I was pretty much waiting 72hrs from the time I had last washed my hair) and I am finally done with my hair! It took around 6hrs to do but I am pleased with the results.

I relaxed my hair using Mizani Butter Blends. However, because I had so much new growth I relaxed my hair in halves. For each half, I applied the relaxer and left it on for 15min. I then rinsed the relaxer out and put ORS Replenishing Conditioner in my hair for 5 minutes. Next, I washed the condish out, neutralized my hair with Silk Elements Neutralizing Shampoo, and DCed with Silcon Mix for an hour. Following the DC, I put Roux Porosity Control in my hair for 5 minutes and rinsed it out with cold water.

After alla that, I sprayed my hair with Aphogee Green Tea and Keratin Reconstructor, applied a little One N Only Argan Oil and blow dried my hair. Finally, I flat ironed using Fantasia IC Heat Protectant (yikes! That sounds like a ton of heat! I probably should roller set but I'm not doing that until I get a decent hair dryer. And by decent, I mean a Pibbs).

You guys, my hair has grown so much this year (as you will see in the pics). My retention has pretty much been on point! I'm also noticing that my nape is starting to retain length (you'll see's the patch of hair that looks shorter than the rest. It is NOT breakage though. I checked.). I know I'm going to have to get a trim..I'm just trying to figure out when that will happen. In the meantime (not tonight though), I will do a Search N Destroy w/ my shears until I figure out when the trim day will be. I'm not sure if I'm ready for a deep trim yet and considering that I don't really use heat like that, I think I'll be ok holding off for awhile. Besides, I got my last trim with my last relaxer.

ALSO! I'm thinking about getting bangs. I feel like my hair needs more...oomph! In the past when I got bored with my hair, I would cut it. Like seriously cut it...but I can't really do that now. I mean I can...but I think it would crush my soul. Anyway, more to come with that.

Let's check out the pics!

This time last year, my hair looked like this:

In July, my hair looked like this:

I didn't tell y'all this but in October I did a legit length check. Straightened my hair and everything:

and...for the pics I KNOW you're dying to hair now is this length:

Yall see that spot I'm talking about? It's lagging behind the rest but I'm not too worried because it's growing. But...I think it's safe to say that I'm full BSL. Even if yall don't agree...I'm still claiming it lol :) I think I'm going to wear my hair out for a while because let's face it... I never do. My hair is ready to be whipped back and forth and dangit I'm not gonna fight the feeling!!

Anyway..I know I'm tired because I'm being kinda silly at the moment. I just wanted you guys to be the first to see my progress!


  1. WOW!!!! You better go! Nice job, length, THICKNESS, etc.! It looks like your stretch was worth the wait and hassle. Enjoy your hair while you wear it out, congrats! :-)

  2. AHHHHHH #happydancing for you! (i've become twitter obsessed in like a week) Girl, it looks SOOOOOOO good! Your length retention is sick! OMG so happy for you! and your hair! and can't wait til I get there! GORGEEEE! And yes, you are surely full BSL, don't be silly! tweeted this! (toldja i'm obsessed!) pardon all the exclamation points, so that you don't think imma total nut I will end with a period.

  3. Go girl!! Awesome progress, your hair is getting soooo long!!!

  4. Congrats!! you are definitely full BSL without a shadow of a doubt!! Your hair has retained so much length. All that PSing really paid off

  5. Amazing job! You are full BSL for sure! Excellent progress! Super proud of you!

  6. Your hair looks amazing and your retention is enviable....!!!

    Well done!!


  7. @FEG Thanks!! The thickness was the first thing I noticed! My hair had a certain heft to it while I was washing it that it never had before. I'm definitely glad this stretch turned out well.

    @EbonyCPrincess Thanks! And welcome to Twitter! I love's the only place where I can be ratchet lol. I saw your tweet and thank you for the the tweet shoutout! :)

    @Shika Thanks! I've definitely come a long way from where I've started!

    @Ally Thanks!! I was definitely PSing like there was no tomorrow huh? lol I'm glad it's reflecting in my hair.

    @Age in ATL Thanks! :)

    @Simply Into My HAIR Thanks!! Staying on top of my retention has been the biggest thing for me in my journey b/c my hair can and will act a fool if I'm not doing right by it lol :)

  8. Whoop whoop! Go Sharday, it's your birthday. You need to do one of those Buildable Beauty dances. Such an inspiration. Be prepared for the weave checks over the holiday.

    Life in a Shoe

  9. Beautiful! Congrats, you're are definitely full BSL! I love your hair!

  10. CONGRATS! go right ahead and claim BSL

  11. @Life in a Shoe Thanks! Please believe I hit a celebratory dougie (or two)!

    @Divine Hostess Thanks! :)

    @Jenijen Thank you so much! :)

    @Texlaxed&Things Thanks! I have definitely claimed BSL!

  12. I NEARLY JUMPED OUT OF MY SEAT IM SO HAPPY FOR U!!!!!!! Great process girly!!! Keep it up!!!!

  13. Awesome progress for just a year... GO ahead and Claim BSL because you have made it