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Monday, December 5, 2011

My December Half Wig: Outre Zahra

Happy Monday lovelies!!

Well I FINALLY got my December half wig. This month, I felt a little adventurous. I've been rocking super duper curly wigs since September and I just wanted to change it up a bit. Sooo...this month's wig is a little bit straighter, with some curl to it.

Isn't this wig just awesome!?!

I purchased Outre Zahra in 1B from Just like my other Outre wigs, the 1B is true to color (meaning: the 1B is an off black and not a dark brown). Zahra also has 2 combs, 1 in the front and the other in the back. However, I found the front comb to be a tad bit flimsy. It was definitely a struggle just trying to secure the dern wig to my head lol. This wig doesn't have a drawstring BUT it does have adjustable straps if you need to adjust it. Like Samara Girl, this wig is pretty long--around BSL. Compared to my curlier wigs, this wig is thin. It's not super duper thin (I mean I just still put my hair in 2 plaits and it doesn't make the wig look jank), it's just.....different from what I'm used to. It's certainly not as thick as the picture would lead you to believe.

Although Zahra is a synthetic half wig, it is very soft. In terms of blending, I had to work with Zahra a bit. I pretty much just straightened the hair that I left out (I REALLY REALLY had to work it too. My hair just doesn't want to lay down). However, I finally got the blending straight....I even have one of my gray hairs showing ( I know...I KNOW!! I'm 26 and I have gray hair. Tis an unfortunate situation).

Anyway, I snapped a few pics...or what pics I could. I think the battery chamber to my camera broke and I had to be super creative with getting these shots. So, if the pics look jank, don't blame me lol.

You've been warned....


  1. Looks really nice on you, suits you :)

  2. That's cute on you. I like this half wig.

    1. Hi I know this is an old post but I was wondering how long did this piece hold up?

    2. About a month with daily wear.

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