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Thursday, December 15, 2011

No-No Products: Do You Use Them?

Happy Thursday lovelies!

Tonight I took on the task of putting my hair into a high bun since it is supposed to rain tomorrow. As I was putting the bun together, I used a pretty good amount of Dove Holding Hairspray. Yep. I use hairspray...the one with alcohol in it...the stuff that is supposed to make our hair shatter into a thousand pieces because alcohol dries it out. I don't use it all the time and primarily use it when I need my hair to stay in a certain position (usually just for buns). Actually, hairspray has been a consistent staple in my arsenal...well before my hair journey days. At one point in my life, I had a love affair with the purple Optimum hairspray (which I can't find anywhere).

Anyway, that got me to thinking.

From the start of our hair journeys, we've heard about products to keep away from our hair. We hear about how to stay away from mineral oil/petroleum based products, alcohol based products, and the like. For the most part, a lot of us do stay away from those products. However, how many of us have said "Bump what the hair boards/blogs/forums say, Imma use (___________)?"

Like I mentioned I do use hair spray. But, I also use hair grease (usually as a base for my relaxers) and oil sheen (again, not all the time). As you guys can see, there are no detrimental effect to my hair. I just use them in moderation.

What "no-no products" you use? Do you have an affinity for the black Ampro gel? How many of you still use Pink Oil Moisturizer (even though it's hell in a bottle). Go ahead and tell me here.

I won't tell anyone... :)


  1. I'm not afraid of mineral oil & petrolatum in rinse out products...

    I still like Let's Jam (in moderation)!

  2. @Shika OMG I forgot about Let's Jam! I haven't used it in ages. Not b/c it's a no-no product...I've just found stuff that holds my hair better.

    I forgot to mention mineral oil! One of my favorite DCs, Silicon Mix, has mineral oil in it.

  3. haha, i loved ampro as a natural because nothing else worked, now I'm relaxed it use IC gel.

  4. bwahahaha @ "shatter into a thousand pieces"

    I'll admit that I pretty much avoid mineral oil like its anthrax in moisturizers and deep conditioners. Honestly, I feel like not much holds my edges and after trying all the butters & glazes on the market...I'm back to using gel on them. Albeit Ecostyler which is alcohol free, but man I wouldn't even mind some $0.99 brown gel at this point. I use hairspray for special occassions or certain styles also, like in my hair bow bun tutorial. But very infrequently.

  5. @Texlaxed&Things I'm glad IC gel works for you! It did absolutely nothing for my hair. My hair laughed at it :/

    @EbonyCPrincess LOL! You know how some folks can be when you use the forbidden products. They act like our hair will just remove itself from our scalp if we use them.

    Sometimes hairspray is necessary for certain styles. I think as long as you're not drowning your hair in it, your hair will be fine lol

    As far as gels, I say use whatever can slick those edges down...even if it is the $0.99 one.

  6. Hi (:
    Well, it's not really a no-no product, it's just that many people have speak so much about how relaxer in "normal" should be enough for everybody that I thought, why not try it? Hum, the 5 months new growth looks natural lol
    I'm going back to my super (even if it stills just texlax my hair, so I'm asking myself "why did I even think that normal will work when super texlax? LOL). Anyway, I'm still trying to avoid some ingredients, but not b/c my hair will fall lol (it's just a matter of moderation), but just b/c I want to consume differently (hair, skincare, and even food).

  7. I still use products with mineral oil. I liked Dax pomade (grease) a lot over the summer. I have a can of Aussie hairspray for when I curl my hair. I tried the sulfate-free thing for a while but my hair needs it. My hair also needs protein more than once a month (almost weekly)

  8. @Manuella I think a lot of it depends on if you're using a no-lye vs. a lye relaxer. When I used no-lye relaxers, I had to use Super strength for my hair. However, now that I use lye, using Normal strength works just fine for my hair. Either way, do whatever works for you!

    @Ally Wow! Weekly protein!? I am in awe. My hair can't handle that (it prefers moisture over protein).

    Also, there is nothing wrong with a little mineral oil :)

  9. Interesting ! But since I have a very sensitive scalp, i won't use lye anymore lol
    And btw your hair is gorgeous! My new hairspo :D

  10. I use products with mineral oil and petroleum on occasion. I'm thinking of hair moisturizers, deep conditioners, hair gloss and beeswax. I use the deep conditioners to d/c. The glosser makes my hair shine when I press it and it's got a mix of other beneficial (in my view) natural oils. I use another oil mix to maintain straight hair and to seal. I have some fine flyaway hair so in order to make it stay put, I use the big no-no's. My hair has thrived. I'm with Dr Lisa Akbari (trichologist on youtube) on the use of petroleum/mineral oil. If a small amount of the product sinks into your skin, it's ok. If it leaves a residue, steer clear...