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Monday, December 19, 2011

Look of the Day (12/19/2011): Messy Side Bun

Happy Monday lovelies!

I hope you all have had a productive Monday! I just wanted to stop by and post how I styled my hair for the day. Ever since my relaxer day last week, I have been wearing my own hair more and trying to come up with styles to wear. Following my relaxer day, I wore my hair out and straight for 1 day.....then I got annoyed and wanted it up off my neck (and not able to be blown around in the wind lol). Naturally, I went back to bunning. For the weekend, I primarily wore a high bun but for today in lab, I decided to rock a side bun.

As I was perusing through my InStyle magazine (which I love by the way), I came across this messy side bun worn by Lucy Liu:

I absolutely love it! It's done without being too done! Naturally, I wanted to try it out on myself...

....and I did.

Really this is my version of "messy." The bun itself is loose and not super duper tight. That's about as messy as it gets! LOL

Anyway, check it out!

It's a super duper easy protective style and quick, too (which was a plus this morning because I was running late! I'm exploring other options for protective styling since I will be going home this Friday and will be unable to bring my arsenal of hair products. I'm definitely going have to find some easy styles to do while I'm home. :/


  1. Cute!! As weird as it sounds, messy looks are always hard for me to do... their either always too neat or too messy!!

  2. Thanks! Same here. Messy looks are always difficult for me because usually, I want my hair to be perfect without a hair out of place lol. I just learn to do what is messy for me and take it from there!