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Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 20....

:deep sigh:

File this under: How do I know when my hair can't handle a stretch?

My hair is on some 'EFF YOU!!' status right now and I hate it! HATE IT!

I'll be hitting 20 weeks post on Thursday and my wash day this past weekend was horrendous. was that freaking bad. I had tangling and matting on a massive, massive scale (you guys should have seen the hair ball that resulted from my wash day). I'm guessing that at this point, the 2 textures are just too much. The relaxed part of my hair just wants to tangle and the new new growth is just on some other stuff right now. I spent a great deal of time just trying to detangle my hair even though I just wanted to cry. Worst wash day ever.

With that said, it is definitely relaxer time. I was trying to wait until the new year to relax again but with the way that my hair has been acting lately, that may do more harm than good. I'm looking to relax this weekend (if not sooner) with my beloved Mizani Butter Blends and will probably do the half and half method because I have sooooo much new growth right now. I considered going to a salon to get it done but that thought is just terrifying to me.

Welp. It's been a good run with this stretch but it's time to relax. I know I said this before but...I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER stretch this long again! EVER!!

Sorry for the sad post but I'm kinda blown right now. I really wanted to make it to the new year. :(


  1. I know exactly how you feel, my recent wash day was a total mess as well. I'm realising detangling when your in a deep stretch isn't something that happens quickly, which is unfortunate because I hate detangling my hair!!
    One of them jobs you hate but you have to do :(

  2. @Shereen I don't know about you but it was like the detangling never ended! I did when I washed, I did it when I applied my DC, I did it after I washed the DC out, I did it while I was moisturizing and sealing....nah man. I am done with this stretch! Detangling shouldn't span the entire length of your wash day lol.

  3. I'm actually transitioning and I thank you for this post because I thought something was wrong with me and my hair. It's been seven months since my last relaxer and YES, detangling takes the entire length of the wash day. Congrats on making it through a 20 week stretch. I think you should be proud.

  4. Good thing you're listening to your hair. 20 weeks is a very long time anyway...congrats on making it so far.

  5. @MrsDjRass Thanks! :) I really wanted to stretch longer but I gotta listen to what my hair is telling me. Although I do find comfort in realizing that if I ever do decide to go natural, I'm gonna have to BC. Definitely a good thing to have in mind.

    Congrats to you on your 7 month transition!! Nothing is wrong with you or your hair, it's just the 2 textures are at war with one another lol. Good luck on your transition! :)

  6. @Ally Thanks! You're absolutely right. Considering that my last relaxer was in July, I've had a pretty good run. No need to push my hair any further.

  7. I agree with MrsDjRass, you should definitely be proud you've made it to 20 weeks! I also think it's great you're listening to your hair and taking cues from it. No need to cause unnecessary stress. Can't wait to see your touch up results

  8. 20 weeks is really awesome! You DEF should listen to your hair because a couple of weeks is not worth a setback!!

    Sending good vibes your way for relaxer day!

  9. Ugh, I hate getting to THAT point in a stretch where you feel frustrated with your hair! I can fully relate! can't wait to see your relaxer update, 20 weeks is an AWESOME stretch!!!

  10. @Jenijen Girl my hair was screaming at me!!! If I chose not to listen to it.....I'm sure it would've been a mess!

    @Shika Thanks for the good relaxer day vibes! :) You're right. I would hate to not listen to my hair, continue to stretch, then wind up back here talking about my setback. That would so not be cool.

    @EbonyCPrincess This frustration is the worst!! The two textures going back and forth with one another is just too much. 20 weeks is a pretty lengthy stretch so I say I've earned this relaxer lol