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Monday, July 25, 2011

BSL Is Gonna Tick Me Off I See.....

Happy Monday lovelies!!

I just wanted to stop by with a super quick post. Sometime last week, I had a strong urge to do a length check. I mean I've been protective/low manipulation styling for so long and I've had to make some progress right? :slanty face:

Well I did the length check and I've learned one very important thing. This little tidbit is something that I must carry with me throughout my hair life. You ready to hear what it is? Here it goes:


...that was me yelling at myself, by the way.

As per usual, some of my hair is touching BSL while other parts are inching ever closer. Ugh. I mean I'm glad my hair is doing well...I guess but I would just prefer it if my hair could just sync up for this length goal.

Either way, I'm expecting to hit BSL by early Fall (September/October).

Check it out!

* Oh before you check it out: just note that my hair is not breaking off, it just grows out jankily until all of my hair is about the same length *


  1. Your hair is so ridiculously thick, it's not even funny! Regardless if your full BSL or not, your hair is gorgeous! I would so kill(well, not for that thickness and length!

  2. I swear my hair does the same thing! I have hairs that grow WAY faster than others (I think they call them lead hairs). I am one of those people who like neat, tidy ends, so I always end up lightly trimming back the lead hairs so that they fall back in line with the other hairs (gotta keep those lead hairs in line..let em' know whose boss!). Your hair looks amazing! I am just amazed at how far you have come in your HHJ and you have gotten through 'the awkward phase' very well. You will definitely hit BSL by the end of next month, maybe even sooner. Good job!

  3. you'll be there before you know it, yelling the same thing at

  4. @ Ms.D--Thank you!! :) It has taken me a long time appreciate the thickness of my hair.Thanks once again!

    @ Age in ATL Isn't frustrating? You get all excited b/c one part of your hair is at your goal and then you get to other parts and it's like....womp womp lol I figure the rest of my hair will get there eventually but sometimes I just want it to be on par with my lead hairs lol.

    Thank you so much for you comments and for following my progress. :)

    @Texlaxed & Things I probably will be yelling the same thing at MBL lol It's always exciting to be close to a hair goal and I tend to get antsy when I'm really really close to it.

  5. I love how thick your hair is. You'll be BSL in no time

  6. Girl it really looks great and Sept/Oct is literally right around the corner. BSL is tickin me off too though and my hair is MUCH more uneven than yours! :/

  7. @ My Healthy Hair Journey Thanks! It just seems like BSL is taking FOREVER! lol

    @EbonyCPrincess Thanks! Something about BSL is just so irksome isn't it!? It's not like APL where you protective style your little heart out and BAM! you're there! I don't know what it is about this length man...

  8. OMG your thickness is awesome!!! GIIIIRRRRLLLL!!! You will be BSL in absolutely no time! Keep up the great progress!