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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Twists Are Out!!!

Happy Sunday!

As you know, last weekend I put some really cute mini twists in my hair. Well, I found out that I can only keep them in my hair for a week max. I began to notice that shed hair was beginning to accumulate at the ends and form knots (which could up my chances for a potential setback). I also began to notice some product accumulation at my roots. So, on Friday, I took my twists down and detangled my hair using HE Hello Hydration. I then clarified my hair using ORS Creamy Aloe and followed up with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo.

* My 'naked' hair. My mom doesn't call it a lions mane for nothing! *

I also DCed with Silicon Mix. Now that I'm 12 weeks (well 13 weeks this Tuesday) post, I have to definitely make sure that I'm getting enough conditioner on the line of demarcation. For that reason, I have been applying my DC the same way that I would apply a relaxer. I find that it keeps my new growth soft and moisturized. However, on Friday, I was feeling particularly lazy so I DCed overnight. My hair felt so soft! I may have to do it more often. Saturday morning I washed the DC out, sprayed on Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer , and some One N Only Argan Oil and air dried using the scarf method. When my hair was about 80% dry, I put my hair into plaits for a braid out. Since I didn't go anywhere today, my hair remains in plaits and will be taken out tomorrow morning.

I still have no clue when I'm gonna relax. I don't want to push it to 20 weeks because relaxing my hair will take more effort than usual to do (lesson learned from last summer). However, I'm not really feeling the urge to relax just yet. I do know that I want to straighten my hair for my birthday so I will be getting my hair flat ironed for that.

I'm also on a mission to curb my PJism. I'm doing pretty good with that so far in that I'm trying to use up products that I haven't finished up yet. For example, I'm using the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque as a styling aid (because I wasn't impressed with it as a deep conditioner--it has absolutely ZERO slip!) for my braidouts. I think I like it a little bit better now.

My PJism isn't completely curbed though. Last week I ordered a sample from Qhemet Biologics. I'm looking for a moisturizer that has no protein in it and they offer that. So stay tuned for my review on that!

Well...I've chattered enough for one evening. Good night lovelies! :)


  1. Your hair looks so thick and pretty! I am working on clearing out my stash of products also. I want to get down to a bare minimum.

  2. I cannot wait on the review for Qhemet Biologics. I have been eyeballing it for a while. I have been on my HHJ for over 2 years and I am JUST now finding my staples. Man, I had SERIOUS PJ-itis..The only thing that cured me is that I have tried nearly EVERTYHING so I just ran out of stuff to buy! Thankfully, because my staples work so well for my hair, I don't have to spend another dime on trying different products....unless you say the Qhemet Biologics is good..then I HAVE to buy it*sigh

  3. @EbonyCPrincess Thanks! I'm trying to get my stash down to my staples. I am definitely running out of space in my bathroom and half the stuff that is taking up space aren't even my staples! lol I'm working on it though.

    @Age in ATL My problem is that I have my staples but I'm constantly looking for alternatives for my staples in case there is a formula change or something lol I'm excited about Qhemet Biologics too (all I need is another product)! I've heard great things about it and I hope it lives up to the hype!