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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini Twists: Day 3

At this point I have had my twists in for 3 days and I LOVE them!!! They aren't frizzing up or unraveling at all. I have been keeping them moisturized w/ my Shea Moisture products and sealing w/ One N Only Argan Oil.

I have been doing some research abou twists trying to determine if they are a protective style or low manipulation style. I've found that, depending on who you ask, it can be either or. However, in my humble opinion, twists are a low manipulation style. I say this simply b/c your ends are out and you have to take great care to keep your ends moisturized. Now twists can be made into a protective style if you wear them in a bun or some other style to keep you ends tucked away. However, as it stands, twists are low manipulation.

Today, after an experiment gone wrong (apparently I DO have to set my ends on flexirods every night if I want to have curly ends), I'm wearing my twists in a bun (thus, making them a protective style). I suppose that's a good thing. I had a serious case of hand in hair yesterday and today I'm feeling extremely low key. Also, it has been extremely humid here lately so it just may be better to keep my hair up.

Anyway, here is how my hair is looking today. Still fresh and happy! :)


  1. Two strand twists are my absolute favorite natural style and I've never seen them look so great on relaxed hair!!! With the flexirods they look AMAZING!

  2. @EbonyCPrincess Thanks! I think the success that I've had w/ the two strand twists is due to the fact that I texlax so my hair retains some of it's texture. If it wasn't for that, I don't think my hair would've turned out as good as it did! :)