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Friday, July 22, 2011

I FINALLY Figured It Out!!

Slicking down my edges when I'm wearing a bun (or just wearing my hair back in general) has always been the bane of my (hair) existence.

I have tried every manner of gels, glazes, and pomades and have met minimal success with each. Some would slick my hair down but as soon as I come into contact with the slightest bit of moisture, my edges would pop back up. Grrr. Do you know how frustrating that is!?????Today, however, has marked the end of my frustration. I've pretty much found that the key to keeping your edges slicked down lies on 1 key product: moisturizer.

Yep. That's it. Moisturizer. If your edges are moisturized enough, the easier they are to beat brush into submission. Who freakin' knew?

Now, I can't tell you what moisturizer to use since every head of hair is different but I can tell you what moisturizer worked for me:

Darcy Botanicals Coconut Lemon Transitioning Creme. Oh.Em.Gee. I put some of this on my edges and followed up with the olive oil Ecostyler Gel. Edges are laid down! Even after walking in the sauna that is Birmingham, AL in the summertime, my edges have stayed put!

So there you have it. If your edges seem to laugh at any gel, pomade, or glaze you put in your hair, try moisturizing it first. It may make a world of difference.

Happy Friday ladies!


  1. Four words: Great minds think alike!

    I did a similar post a couple months ago

    Same product and everything! DBCLTC rocks. but I get the same results with any water-based moisturizer so not sure if I'll repurchase since it's so expensive.

  2. Haha! We had the exact same line of thinking! I picked up the transitioning creme yesterday because I stretch relaxers and figured it would be good. DBCLTC is definitely super moisturizing and no other moisturizer has had this effect on my hair. I love it so far..I just wish they had a bigger size :/

  3. Okay...I'm going to take your word for it. My stuff is SUPER straight after my relaxer but give me 4 wks and I will come back to praise your name if this is my key too. Bc its awful for me as well, like you said EVERY gel glaze etc.

  4. I'm telling you moisture is the key! I can't believe that something that is so basic is the key to slicking down your edges (I'm kinda mad it took me so long to figure it out lol).You just have to find the right moisturizer for you!

  5. Duh, why didn't I think of this! Thanks!

  6. You're welcome! I have to admit that it's not the first solution you think of. First you think you have to add more gel, pomade, etc. Then you think you have to brush them a certain way. The last thing you think of is moisture!! I'm mad it took me 3 years figure it out! lol