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Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Is What Happens When......

.....I have nothing but time on my hands.

Yesterday I had decided to do absolutely nothing. I was gonna lounge around my apartment and like it. Yep that's what I was gonna do. I was doing great on achieving nothing until I went on YouTube and looked up videos for mini twists. That was the wrong move. They looked so cute and low maintenance that I wanted to give them a try. I figured that I have enough texture left in my hair to make twists that actually stay twisted and decided to test that hypothesis. Lo and behold...I actually can do mini twists!! A little over 3 hours later (many thanks to 'Clueless', 'The Wedding Planner', and Keeping Up w/ the Kardashians for keeping me entertained), my twists were complete and I was putting flexirods on the ends of the twists to get them to curl at the end.

I didn't use a lot of product for the twists, just some Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk and some EcoStyler Gel (the green one). I plan on keeping these in for a week or two since they took so daggone long to complete.

Well....what do you think?


  1. These look SO good. i'm going to need to try this very soon. Do you plan on washing your hair with them in? I can't go more than 8-9 days without washing my hair. my scalp rebels.

  2. @S.E. Thanks! I'll probably use ORS Herbal Cleanse (a dry shampoo that I use when my hair is braided up) to keep my scalp clean and refresh my twists. I'm kinda scared to actually do my regular washing (w/ water and everything else) b/c I don't want my twists to unravel or puff up.

  3. These look really good. Your hair is long it looks like you added extension hair lol. I bet you'll have a really pretty twistout in a week or two!

  4. @ My Healthy Hair Journey Thanks! I can't wait to see what the twist out will look like. I've never done a twist out before.

  5. This is gorgeous. You got skills girl! LOL

    Life in Shoe

  6. WOW! I thought you got some braids done with synthetic hair added! I am IMPRESSED girl! It looks all professional! I really like this look on you and as a side note, you have amazing skin!

  7. @SweetIntent Thank you! :)

    @Life in Shoe Thanks!

    @Age in ATL Thank you! I can't braid with synthetic hair to save my life! lol I just wanted to see if I could put my hair in mini twists. I may have to tweak what products I use but I'm glad to know that it can be done! :)

  8. Ok, I'm dumb late, but I loooove this!!!


  9. Maybe try the cold wave rods on your ends instead of the flexi rods? Btw, i love how nice and neat they look